Queues and OPT::bypass

To improve speed GNucap solver uses device queues, most queues are activated when OPT::bypass is set to true.

This section will create analysis of how this is implemented.

No bypass (OPT::bypass==false)

Looking at code of SIM::evaluate_models() - if (OPT::bypass==false) then only _late_evalq queue is used.

  • first for all devices do_tr() is performed (no queues);
  • then - for devices in _late_evalq queue is executed method do_tr_last();

Same approach is used in TRANSIENT::sweep():

  • for all devices is executed do_tr()
  • for _late_evalq is executed do_tr_last()

_late_evalq itself is declared in u_sim_data.h

elements can be added to _late_evalq are:

  • d_cccs
  • d_ccvs
  • d_coil
bypass (OPT::bypass==true)


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