Gnucap commands are defined by plugins. This section defines all commands supplied in the main tarball.

Your installation may not have all of these commands, and may have others in addition to these. It depends on which plugins you have installed.

"Simulation" or "analysis" commands

These commands are the core simulation commands.

  • ac Performs a small signal AC (frequency domain) analysis. Sweeps frequency.
  • dc Performs a nonlinear DC analysis, for determining transfer characteristics. Sweeps DC input or component values.
  • fourier Transient analysis, with results in frequency domain.
  • op Performs a nonlinear DC analysis, for determining quiescent operating conditions. Sweeps temperature.
  • transient Performs a nonlinear transient (time domain) analysis. Sweeps time.

"Data" commands

These commands manipulate the circuit.

  • build Build a new circuit or change an existing one.
  • clear Delete the entire circuit, titles, etc.
  • delete Delete a part, or group of parts.
  • edit Edit the circuit description using your editor.
  • fault,unfault Temporarily change a component.
  • list List the circuit on the display.
  • alter, modify Change a value, node, etc. For very simple changes.

"Parameter" and "Measure" commands

These commands work with parameters.

  • parameter Set or view parameters.
  • measure Make (post) measurements on your circuit.
  • eval Evaluate parameters.

"Probe" commands

These commands set up probes for later use.

  • alarm Select points in the circuit to check against limits.
  • plot, iplot Select points in the circuit (and their range) to plot.
  • print, iprint, probe Select points in the circuit to print as table.
  • store Select points in the circuit to store for post-processing.

"File" commands

  • include Include a file from disk. Add it the what is already in memory.
  • lib Include parts of a library file.
  • load, unload Load a plugin.
  • get Get a circuit from a disk file. Deletes old one first for a fresh start. (deprecated)
  • save Save the circuit in a file.
  • log Create a log file.
  • > Send a copy of the screen output to a file.

"Other" commands

  • end Perform analyses in queue. New circuit follows. (Implemented incorrectly.)
  • exit, quit Exits the program.
  • options View and set system options. (Same as set.)
  • temp Set or view temperature.
  • width Set output width.
  • sweep Sweep a component. (Loop function.) (deprecated)
  • generator View and set the transient analysis function generator.
  • freeze, unfreeze Mark this time point, so transient analysis will restart here.
  • chdir Change current directory.
  • pause Wait for key hit in batch mode.
  • status Display resource usage, etc.
  • title View and create the heading line for printouts and files.
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