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User contributions

This page provides an area for users to make contributions.

To add yours ….

  1. Create an account for yourself
  2. Edit this page to add a link to the new page you will make
  3. Make the new page for your contribution.

Noise implementation - here is all stuff related to .noise command implementation: syntax, noise calculation basics, discussions regarding noise implementation and code-related stuff. Noise command implementation is not complete yet, so all material have “working” status.

Gnucap Nonlinear Solver - explanation of Gnucap nonlinear solver. Comparison with classic Newton formulation and some additional considerations

Gnucap Linear Solver - Gnucap implements parse linear solver and it has own “quirks”. THis section describes known informaton about solver and known issues

Gnucap_Library - Experimental shared library version of Gnucap

Gnucap_Python - A plugin that allows Python code to be executed within a Gnucap session and a Gnucap Python extension that allows direct access to the Gnucap core from Python

Netlist import and export - Here is an idea for import and export of netlists from schematics, layouts, and foreign systems, inspired by Gnucap language plugins.

Language plugin for gschem - Plugin which can convert .sch file output of gschem into .ckt which can be analyzed by gnucap.

Sensitivity Anlysis - A Perl script to assist with sensitivity anylsis of a circuit in gnucap

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